The Concert & Artistry collection showcases my appreciation and admiration for artists I meet and photograph. I admire individuals who genuinely love their craft and show that love through their work. Thank you for being genuine! 

Never stop creating.

Maségo & the Traphouse Jazz Band at VCU Ram Fest

(Richmond, VA)


Maségo at The Norva

(Norfolk, VA)

James Blake at The Lincoln Theatre

(Washington, D. C.)

Huey Supreme at The Norva

(Norfolk, VA)

Conscious Kane at The Norva

(Norfolk, Virginia)

Maségo & the Traphouse Jazz Band at Granby Theater

(Norfolk, Virginia)

Conscious Kane at Shaka's

(Virginia Beach, Virginia) 

Maségo and The Traphouse Jazz Band at The Broadberry

(Richmond, Virginia)

Maségo & Medasin's "Girls That Dance" Video Shoot

(Behind The Scenes)